Oil Warmers

Our store carries a selective variation of electric oil warmers and plug in night light burners. Our inventory changes often to offer you the newest products with the change economy. We also carry regular oil warmers where you use a candle to heat the burner and create the aroma in the air and brass light ring diffusers.

Our electric oil warmers has become increasingly popular over the last couple years because there is no candles to light. Making it easier. The lamps uses a halogen bulb 35 watts and could be purchased and many local stores. The average use of our bulbs in our burners are about 900-1000 hours. The nightlight burners are ideal if you have small children you could plug in a outlet perhaps in the kitchen over the counter top out of reach of small kiddos and don't have to worry about a fire from the traditional oil burners. Don't forget to checkout our other wholesale items.